The Adam Project: Ryan Reynolds Speaks Up On Why His Character Is So Mean To His Younger Self

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After The Adam Project was released in the streaming service, Netflix, we finally had something to stream on the weekend. The film reunited director Shawn Levy with Ryan Reynolds after their previous film, Free Guy, in a new Scifi time travel action flick, The Adam Project.

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The Adam Project follows Ryan Reynold's Adam, a time-traveling pilot from a distant future who is looking for his long-lost wife, Laura (Zoe Saldana) but accidentally traveled back in the wrong timeline to meet his younger self (Walker Scobell). Younger Adam and future Adam reunites to embark on a mission to look for their diseased father, Mark Ruffalo, who apparently invented time travel. While the film had shown off its Scifi action scenes and magnificent VFX, the film also tackled time-traveling complexities specifically meeting your old self.

In an interview with Yahoo, Ryan Reynolds spoke to young reporters Lyla and Luna and discussed why his character is very harsh to his younger self. Reynolds explained that Adam's hatred towards his younger self is a replication of how he hates himself, but fortunately, as the film progresses, Adam has learned to embrace how relevant he was when he was younger. See Ryan Reynolds' full response below:

"You know what, that's a really good question. Some people in life-- and I hope that this isn't you when you're older. But some people in life have a tough time loving themselves. And I think my character in the movie is having a tough time loving himself. And because he doesn't really love himself, he doesn't really love his 12-year-old self either.

So, throughout the movie, he has to kind of learn how to not just love himself, but love this little kid that he used to be. So it's part of the journey. We sort of have to start there in order to go someplace. But you're right. He's not very nice to his younger self."

Ryan Reynolds hasn't laid back for The Adam Project's emotional themes, revealing in a recent interview how he reflected on a personal tragedy while developing the film. The actor also revealed that he took personal inspiration for the film from the passing of his father. Specifically, one scene, where his character reunited with his mother was inspired by how he and his siblings reunited to comfort her mother after their father passed away.

The Adam Project is bagging lots of positive reviews, especially how it turns out to have some existential elements that kind of made the audience emotional despite having the Sci-Fi action genre.

The Adam Project is now streaming on Netflix.

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