How The Acolyte Could Tie Into The Rise Of Skywalker - A Bond in the Force

a woman with dreadlocks is standing next to a woman with a blue mask on her face .
Credit: Disney/Star Wars, Custom Image By: Alister Kennedy, Source:

a woman with dreadlocks is standing next to a woman with a blue mask on her face .
Credit: Disney/Star Wars, Custom Image By: Alister Kennedy, Source:

Star Wars The Acolyte unravels a compelling tale set in the High Republic era, a time of the Jedi's ascendancy. The plot centres on the enigmatic twins Osha and Mae and a series of Jedi murders shrouded in the mystery of a sinister Sith plot.

The show, despite being set earlier in the canon timeline than seen before, already references other Star Wars media, like how Jedi were different during this time and the events of the mainline movies.

One possible connection to the 2019 movie Rise Of The Skywalker emphasises how the Force works between two Force-sensitive beings.

What is a Force Dyad?

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In Star Wars Episode IX, it was revealed that Kylo Ren and Rey were Force dyads - two Force-sensitive beings connected by an unbreakable bond in the Force.

This allowed them to communicate and physically interact using the Force, even allowing them to attune to what the other had previously experienced.

Both were already strong in the Force, and this dyad connection was prophesied in Doctrine of the Dyad in the Sith Citadel.

Force Dyad Origins

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The Doctrine of the Dyad is the predecessor of the Rule Of Two Sith decree made by Darth Bane, which Darth Sidious considers a pale imitation of the Dyad doctrine. The Sith have always attempted to create this Force dyad connection through the Rule Of Two but have failed countless times.

Kylo and Rey were important to the Sith because they were Force dyads. Force dyads have immense Force power, such as Force healing, which was shown in Episode IX.

Strong connections to the Force and being related to twins and clones are attributed to what fans know about Force dyads. While Ren was an offspring of one of Vader’s twins, Rey also had strong connections to the Force from her Palpatine-clone father.

Osha and Mae's Dyad

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Osha and Mae, on the other hand, are also twins and have a strong connection to the Force, with Osha being a former Jedi Padawan and Mae’s current mastery of the Force shown in The Acolyte Episodes 1 and 2.

While the sources of their powerful connection to the Force will have to be revealed in future episodes, it is clear that their past has something to do with how they communicated with each other during Episode 1.

It was implied that Mae communicated to Osha telepathically, which indicates a further similarity to Force dyads—they can transcend time and space as they communicate with their other half.

Darth Sidious mentioned that Force dyads have been unseen for generations, and the twins of The Acolyte may well be the Force dyads that existed before Ren and Rey.

Fans will learn more about the twins as the show progresses, so follow Epicstream to stay updated and connected with everything Star Wars.

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