The Acolyte Leak Seemingly Uncovers True Identity of Mae's Mysterious Master

the acolyte leak mae
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

the acolyte leak mae
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

The Acolyte leaks are already circulating online that reveal the identity of Mae’s Master.

While the first two episodes showed that Mae is being trained by a Sith-like masked figure, who this character is hasn’t been revealed yet though and it will no doubt be a major mystery that will only be unmasked later in the series.

If the recent leaks are true though, then this mysterious villain may be someone that viewers don’t expect.

Spoiler Warning: This article may include potential spoilers for The Acolyte, so proceed with caution.

The Acolyte Leak Reportedly Reveals the Show’s Main Villain

Even early into the new Star Wars series’ run, The Acolyte already has a lot of mysteries. Among these is what happened in Osha and Mae’s past. This event no doubt holds the key as to why Mae seeks revenge on the Jedi.

What’s also a big mystery is the identity of the masked figure who is training Mae, though a recent leak may have revealed the villain’s identity.

Images and clips have begun circulating online that seem to show Master Sol and Osha facing off against a lightsaber-wielding foe.

Then, there’s another leak showing either Osha or Mae holding up a lightsaber to Qimir who is wearing the same suit as Mae’s Master.

The original post was deleted, though the images and clips are now circulating on various social media platforms. These are getting buzz as they seem to confirm a theory that Qimir is Mae’s master.

It’s possible that even Mae herself does not know this as she seems to only interact with her Master while he is wearing a mask.

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Episodes 1 and 2 Might Already Support This Qimir Leak

Even before this leak, many fans have already theorized that Qimir may be Mae’s master, or at the very least isn’t just a bumbling helper.

Despite his non-threatening appearance, viewers noted that the way he dodged Mae’s attacks implies that he’s a capable combatant.

More importantly, fans noted that Qimir said the line “Peace is a life” in The Acolyte episode 2. This is the first sentence in The Sith Code from the Legends universe.

If this is indeed the case, it would be an interesting development, and it would likely mean that Qimir’s current personality is just a front.

It’s not clear when the masked villain will actually be revealed, but chances are that it will happen in the second half of the series. This should mean fans will need to wait a couple of weeks more to find out.

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