The Acolyte: Joonas Suotamo Addresses Kelnacca's Shocking Death in Episode 4

Joonas Suotamo as Kelnacca in The Acolyte
Credit: Lucasfilm

Joonas Suotamo as Kelnacca in The Acolyte
Credit: Lucasfilm

The Acolyte star Joonas Suomato recently opened up about the shocking death of his character Kelnacca in the fourth episode.

The Wookie Jedi surprisingly met his demise in the recent episode when Mae arrived in his hut and it was revealed that her mysterious Sith Lord already killed him.

Kelnacca's death heightens the stakes of the story even further as it shows how dangerous the Sith Lord is and it puts Sol as the only remaining Jedi from the Brendok incident sixteen years ago that separated Mae and Osha.

Joonas Suotamo Reacts to Kelnacca's Death in Episode 4

In a recent interview, Suotamo weighed in on Kelnacca's shocking death in the fourth episode and revealed that he wasn't told about his character's early demise when he joined The Acolyte.

"No, that wasn't discussed. I learned it as we went, and it was very surprising," he said.

"So I wasn't aware initially, but ever since studying film at university, I've been on the story side as well, so I thought it was a necessary thing to happen in terms of it follows the story and is very sad and very dramatic. And what a shock too to see all these powerful Jedi to meet their fate in such a way!"

Suotamo did not take issue with his character's early demise and praised showrunner Leslye Headland's bold creative choice.

He added, "I think it's bold. I think this whole series was from the get-go. I just knew that Leslye would bring this freshness to this story, and we are seeing it on-screen, clearly. So I was all for it and I knew she could pull it off."

While it was unfortunate that Kelnacca has met his demise, it doesn't mean that we won't see the character anymore since they are expected to show more flashback scenes from the Brendok incident where he is prominently featured.

Hopefully, in the upcoming flashback scenes, we'll get to learn more about the character and find out his role as a Jedi during the peak of his powers, especially as a rare Force-sensitive Wookie.

New episodes of The Acolyte premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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