The Acolyte Episode 4 Shockingly Kills Off Kelnecca

Amandla Stenberg as Mae in The Acolyte
Credit: Lucasfilm

Amandla Stenberg as Mae in The Acolyte
Credit: Lucasfilm

The recently-aired episode 4 of The Acolyte saw the death of another major character as the show's mystery continues to unravel.

So far, each episode of the series has featured a shocking death of a major character and it continues to surprise a lot of fans as it levels up the stakes of the mystery that they are exploring in the first season.

Unfortunately, the body count continued in episode 4 as another character bites the dust and, once again, it shocked some fans.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Acolyte episode 4, so proceed with caution.

Kelnecca Dies in The Acolyte Episode 4

Continuing where the second episode left off, Mae and Qimir head to Khofar to continue the former's revenge mission and kill off Kelnecca.

At the same time, Sol, Osha, Yord, Jecki, Bazil, and the other Jedi Knights also flew to the planet to prevent their mission.

However, as Mae and Qimir were walking to Kelnecca's hut, they got into an argument when Mae started to question the nature of her assignment as her Sith Lord wanted her to kill off the Wookie without using any weapon.

Mae decided to leave Qimir behind by hanging him in a rope. She planned to abandon her mission and surrender to Kelnecca and tell everything she knew to the Jedis.

However, as she arrived in Kelnecca's hut, she found the Wookie Jedi Master already dead with lightsaber cuts in his chest. She was also surrounded by Sol and his team asking her to surrender.

It was then revealed that Mae's mysterious Sith Lord was the culprit behind Kelnecca's death as he showed up and confronted Sol and the other Jedi Knights. The episode ended with a cliffhanger that sets up their showdown in the next episode.

While we've already seen the other Jedis who were with Sol in Brendok face their death in the previous episodes, it's still surprising to see Kelnecca face the same situation early on since some fans may have expected to see more of the character in the present day.

It would have been cool to spend more time with Kelnecca since it's rare to see a Jedi Wookie, but we will likely see him again when we see more Brendok flashback sequences later in the season.

New episodes of The Acolyte premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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