Thanos' Black Order Are Getting Their Own Comic Series This November

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If you wanted to see more of Thanos' children, Marvel has the comic book for you. The comic publisher has confirmed that The Black Order are getting their own series this November, set sometime after Avengers: No Surrender. Derek Landy, the author of the acclaimed Skulduggery Pleasant series will be writing the comic while artist Philip Tan will provide interior art.

Despite having The War Masters of Thanos above the comic's logo, The Black Order will be following The Grandmaster's orders for now, after the events of No Surrender. Apparently, the group is going to face off against other beings that might be more powerful than them, which should make for some awesome battles.

(Marvel Comics/Philip Tan)

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It will be interesting to see if the comic book can give these guys some character since they were kind of bland in their appearances during Infinity, No Surrender, and even last April's Avengers: Infinity War. Newsarama confirmed that this would be a mini-series, which is good since these characters probably can't carry an ongoing title. Still, fans have been proven wrong before so maybe this comic book will be of quality.

The Black Order #1 comes to comic book stores on November 7. Can this series redeem the group after their previous appearances have made them seem kinda dull? Pre-order this and find out for yourself.

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