Tessa Thompson Wants Creed II Director to Helm a Valkyrie Movie

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There was a lot to love about Thor: Ragnarok; the vibrant colors, great humor, awesome action, and some of the most fun MCU characters in a long time. Most of the cast stood out in a really good way, including Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, who many felt was a fun character that could use some exploration. Most of us are hoping she survived the snap and appears in Avengers 4 but it looks like Thompson is thinking ahead, naming who she would want to direct a solo Valkyrie movie.

During a Creed II screening, Thompson said that she wanted to see that film's director, Steven Caple Jr, work on the character. It's an interesting choice that's for sure but when you consider all of the positive buzzes that Creed II has been getting, choosing Caple Jr isn't exactly a bad option.

It's hard to say if Valkyrie is deserving of a solo movie, though the character herself is far from bad. She was originally going to be one of the first LGBT characters in the MCU before Marvel got cold feet so they could change that with a solo movie. Marvel recently introduced an alternate universe Valkyrie based on Tessa Thompson's version on Exiles and they made sure she was bisexual there.


Reports have stated that Valkyrie could return during Avengers 4, as part of the surviving Asgardians who Thanos let go. She is definitely angry over what happened and seeing her take on Thanos with Thor would be a sight to see.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019.

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