Teen Wolf Creator Shares How Dylan O'Brien's Return as Stiles Could Have Affected The Movie

Teen Wolf: The Movie might have most of the major characters from the original MTV series but there is one fan-favorite whose absence feels like a huge missing piece: Stiles Stilinski is nowhere in sight and fans can't help but complain about it. Although Stiles' whereabouts are addressed in the film, series creator Jeff Davis reveals whether the movie could have been very different if Dylan O'Brien agreed to reprise his role.

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, Lydia Martin reveals that she had a series of visions showing Stiles dying in a car crash with her. Fearing for his life, she chooses to break up with him and Stiles decides to stay away from her.

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This should explain Stiles' absence but the dissolution of the fan-favorite ship Stydia also had fans wondering whether it happened because Dylan O'Brien refused to return for the film. Interestingly, Jeff Davis addressed Stydia's fate and shared what could have been if O'Brien appeared in the movie.

"When a business decision is made, you have to see how it affects the creative and sometimes what you think is going to be bad for the movie turns out pretty good," Davis told TV Insider, explaining that he enjoyed Lydia's monologue about the breakup.

"I love that speech. I loved writing it and I love the way [Holland Roden] acts it and it’s sad, but it’s utterly human at the same time. It makes for a good story," he said before confirming that Dylan O'Brien's return wouldn't have changed a thing.

"So you don’t know, though, if you would’ve still had them broken up if he had been onscreen? I don’t know. I probably would’ve done the same thing," Davis said.

Although Stydia wouldn't be together, we'd still be happy to see Stiles all over again.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is now streaming on Paramount+.

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