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Teen Wolf: The Movie Releases Trailer Teasing The Return of The Pack on Paramount+

Teen Wolf: The Movie Releases Trailer Teasing The Return of The Pack on Paramount+
Credit: Paramount+

Everyone is invited to return to Beacon Hills and face the return of the shapeshifters in the night as Teen Wolf: The Movie releases a new official trailer that teases the return of the pack on Paramount+ this coming January with familiar faces reprising their roles.

Released during CCXP in São Paulo, Brazil is the new official trailer for the upcoming film, Teen Wolf: The Movie which will see the return of familiar faces to Beacon Hills, as the pack will face an evil coming to town, teasing everyone on what to expect in the film.

The pack has been away for too long and they will all be coming back to Beacon Hills with Allison Argent taking down werewolves in cold blood so Scott McCall, now 30 years old and works as a firefighter, comes back to reunite the pack and defend their kind.

The Teen Wolf: The Movie marks the return of Tyler Hoechlin's Derek Hale, Crystal Reed's Allison Argent, and Tyler Posey's Scott McCall who remains to be an Alpha growing up and he calls onto old friends and new allies to counter the threat coming into Beacon Hills.

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Arden Cho and Dylan O'Brien will not be returning to reprise their roles. The cast of Teen Wolf: The Movie are as follows: Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, JR Bourne as Chris Argent, Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore, and Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall.

Joining Teen Wolf: The Movie, as well, are Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, Orny Adams as Coach Bobby Finstock, Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish, Vince Mattis as Eli Hale, and Linden Ashby as Sheriff Noah Stilinski. The movie is co-produced by MTV Entertainment and MGM.

Teen Wolf: The Movie will be howling on screen on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023. All of the six seasons of Teen Wolf are available to stream on the same platform.

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