Teen Titans GO Movie Makes Fun of Justice League

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Though Aquaman may be the only DCEU movie coming out this year that is one everyone's radar, Cartoon Network is still pushing their release of a Teen Titans GO movie. Though the series does have its haters, I have to admit that the show definitely has some great comedy writing. Now the marketing is poking fun at the least successful DCEU movie—Justice League.

Check out all these posters (via ComicBookMovie):


With Ant-Man and the Wasp just dropping a new trailer, Teen Titans GO is also promising a new preview. There's even this fun preview where characters react to tweets about the movie:

As someone who grew up with the original Titans cartoon, I can understand all the hate that fans have for Teen Titans GO. But apparently, the kids love it, and Cartoon Network is even confident enough to give the series its own movie. And also, the series does have some clever humor attached to it:


Love it or hate it, Teen Titans GO has its fans, and since we're only getting one DCEU movie this year, I'm fine that this film is actually happening. At best the kids will love it, and there'll be some fun jokes for the adults who took them to the theater. Did you know that Nicholas Cage voices Superman in this film?

Teen Titans GO the Movie comes out July 27.

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