Latest Black Widow Trailer Highlights Taskmaster vs Natasha, and More

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Marvel Studios has released a new Black Widow trailer, dubbed as a Black Widow special look since Marvel likes to do that, and this movie continues to look better than it should. While most of us are bitter that we're getting this film after Natasha's death in Avengers: Endgame, this little side story set after Captain America: Civil War feels pretty engaging, even if we already know that Natasha is going to live.

This "special look" at Black Widow gives us plenty of new footage of her family, while also making Taskmaster look like an absolute badass. We also get to see Red Guardian destroy some fools in his casual clothes, which is always amusing to see. The family dynamic could elevate this movie and revealing that The Red Room has more Black Widows in the mix is pretty cool.

If we had to complain about the trailer, there is some recycled footage from the previous one. That being said, this Black Widow special look is miles better than the first, giving us more action and cool shots, while also making Taskmaster look more like a threat. Could this film be the Winter Soldier-style followup fans have been waiting for? Let's hope the final product lives up to our expectations.

Black Widow is currently slated for a May 1 release.

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