Taskmaster Actor Teases Character's MCU Future After Black Widow

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There is little doubt that everyone was shocked when Taskmaster's identity was finally revealed in Black Widow. In addition to that, it looked like the mysterious character could show up again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So are we going to see more of Antonia Dreykov in the future? Black Widow star Olga Kurylenko believes that there's still a lot we need to learn about her character.


In Black Widow, it was revealed that Taskmaster is actually Dreykov's daughter who had barely survived when Natasha Romanoff bombed Dreykov's Budapest office. Dreykov had implanted a chip into Antonia's head that turned her into the perfect soldier who could mimic the moves of anyone she sees.

Luckily, Nat was able to free Taskmaster from her servitude and Antonia escapes along with Yelena Belova. Needless to say, Kurylenko believes that Antonia's story is far from over.

"There are so many directions she could go," she told Comicbook.com. "She could go so many different ways. And because there's a battle in her between the good and the evil, and she has both and she is both, obviously she has the skills, but in the end, as you say, that spell is off her and she's not under control anymore. So there is this potential freedom and it could go that way. Who knows?"


We'd love to see more of Antonia again in the future and it's possible considering that she may have been working with Yelena all this time. For now, it hasn't been confirmed whether both characters will appear in future MCU projects. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Although some are already hoping to see more of Antonia, other fans were not so happy about Taskmaster's gender swap. Black Widow writer Eric Pearson has confirmed that he has been receiving hate mail from fans who were disappointed that Taskmaster was not revealed to be Tony Masters.

Black Widow is still screening in theaters and on Disney+ via Premier Access.


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