Take a Look at the Avengers: A-Day Beta

Besides the announcement that Hawkeye is going to be a DLC character for Square Enix's Avengers game, players will also get access to a BETA that will give us a great feel of the game as a whole. What's great is, we have a whole video covering the BETA including which characters we can use and what kind of maps we get to play in.

The Marvel's Avengers Beta offers a slice of what you can expect from the full game, including the original narrative, co-op missions, hero & world progression, War Zone exploration, & more!

I have to say, Square Enix is really spoiling players with this huge package of a BETA. Not only do we get to play the beginning mission which will allow players to make use of each of the main heroes, but we're also getting access to a bunch of other smaller missions allowing us to customize and upgrade each hero. What's also cool is that you can build to achievements that will carry over for when the actual game is released.

The game is even allowing players to fight against bosses like Taskmaster and Abomination, plus you get to make use of Iron Man's Hulkbuster which looks like an absolute beast when you use it in battle.

I'll admit, I'm not a fan of having all the skill trees item gathering, but the costumes do look great. Hopefully, the game makes it feel more rewarding to gain these upgrades, unlike some other titles out there that make you spend too much time managing resources.

The Avengers: A-Day open BETA will be available for all on Aug. 21–23. Pre-load will be available on the 20th. The full game launches on Sept. 4.

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