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Sylvester Stallone Casually Announces Demolition Man 2 and Fans are Going Nuts

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Demolition Man is a movie that has proven to not just be entertaining but also timeless and surprisingly relevant. While it didn't mean much back then, fans who have been online for a short amount of time can easily see the divide between the movie's super sensitive society and the underground people who act like 4Chan commenters. It's a movie that's better now than it was back then, which is why fans will be happy to know that Demolition Man 2 is in the works.

Sylvester Stallone himself revealed that the Demolition Man sequel was in the works during a video Q and A that can be seen below. The fact that Stallone just casually mentioned that there's a sequel in the works during a Q and A of all things is amusing, though it could have been planned like that. Marketing can be really weird in this era we're living in.

If you were hoping for any concrete details on Demolition Man 2 or if the movie would finally tackle how the seashells are supposed to be used, you're out of luck. Maybe the film itself will answer these questions but we're gonna have to wait and see. Until then, just go to Reddit and see how crazy people are over those bathroom seashells.

No release date for Demolition Man 2 has been released. If you're curious about the first film, it should be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and various digital stores.

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