SyFy's Krypton Officially Gets Release Date

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It looks like the fansite report that mentioned Krypton's possible release date was correct. SyFy has officially confirmed that Krypton will be coming out on March 21, 2018. The series is one of the more interesting comic book adaptations since it focuses on the mythology of Superman's home planet, whilst also featuring obscure DC characters like Adam Strange and Hawkwoman.

On Twitter, the official Krypton Twitter account not only confirmed the release date but also teased how the planet has "its own legends." Since the show will be focusing on Superman's grandfather, it looks like they're gonna try to make him a bit of a hero as well. With Brainiac hoping to kill him and stop Superman from being born, it should make for an interesting series.

Apparently, the show will have time jumps, switching from the Krypton era to the regular DC one. Brainiac aside, Doomsday has also been confirmed for the series, which should make for some unpredictable moments. Mixing Krypton's mythology with Superman's rogue gallery could make the series a lot of fun.

Krypton is officially showing on SyFy on March 21, 2018.

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