Swamp Thing Showrunner Says Series Cancellation Was a 'Gut Punch'

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It wasn't that long ago when Swamp Thing debuted in DC Universe and fans are already bummed about not having a second season of the show. While not perfect, the series has managed to capture the feeling of horror and dread that the original comics had. Though fans are enjoying the only season this show will ever get, it's hard not to imagine what could have been.

Speaking with GameSpot, showrunner Gary Dauberman, who is promoting his film Annabelle Comes Home, had a lot to say about the show's cancellation. The saddest bit might be the fact that he calls Swamp Thing's cancellation a "gut punch," which means he didn't see it coming and it hurt like hell.

Here are some of Dauberman's plans for the now-canceled DC Universe series:

"I was looking forward to telling a couple more self-contained stories, not self-contained itself, but like three arc stories too, coupled within the larger [mysteries]. Like a season-long mystery or engine, but also be able to explore some of those dark corners of the swamp where you get those, where it almost feels like a little bit like an anthology."
"We could have done so much that I'm sad that we're not going to be able to get to do in this incarnation, you know."

That sounds interesting and it would have continued the show's momentum in a natural way. We'll probably never see this happen and that's a real shame.

DC Universe's Swamp Thing can now be streamed.

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