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Suzy’s Anna Controversy: Coupang Play Responds To Director Lee Zoo Young’s Complaint

Credit: 쿠팡플레이 Coupang Play/YouTube Screenshot

Coupang Play responded to the complaint of Anna's director Lee Zoo Young about the major editing the show had gone through without asking her advice.

In a statement, the streaming network aired its side of the story and explained what really happened that led to the major change in the series. After giving its reasons, Coupang Play promised to release the director’s cut of Suzy’s Anna.

Coupang Play Responds to Anna Director Lee Zoo Young’s Complaint

In a statement via Korea Joongang Daily, Coupang Play claimed it used to be “very supportive” of Lee Zoo Young and the production team.

However, it was later learned that the director’s editing direction dramatically differed from what they initially agreed upon.

Coupang Play revealed it made several requests to the director to edit the show according to what they both decided to do so.

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“The director refused to do so over several months,” it said. “With the consent of the producer and in accordance with the rights stipulated in the contract, Coupang Play edited the work to match the original production intent.”

From their own editing works, the streaming platform claimed that Anna turned out to be a great hit and even received critical acclaim from the viewers.

But in respect for Lee Zoo Young and her editing direction, it promised to release the director’s cut of the series, dropping all of its original eight episodes this August.

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“The series will be released as soon as a review by the Korea Media Ratings Board is completed,” it stated.

Director Lee Zoo Young Complains About Changes in Suzy’s Anna

Lee Zoo Young released a statement through the law firm Siwoo on Tuesday, August 2, claiming Coupang Play put her on the sideline after changing the editing direction of Anna.

It also criticized the streaming service for making the series shorter, only releasing six episodes of its original eight episodes, and ruining its structure and scenes order that “interfered with its narrative, filming, editing and intention.”

She said the show that premiered on June 24 was far different from the Suzy-starrer series she made, making it “unrecognizable” from her version.

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With that said, she demanded Coupang Play apologize publicly to her and her staff, who worked hard on Anna and to delete her name from the edited six-episode version the platform aired.

The show’s editor, Kim Jeong Hoon, who also worked on Lee Zoo Young, said in a post on Facebook that the current version of Anna that fans saw wasn’t the work he and the director did day and night.

“I also demanded that Coupang Play remove my name from the credits, but it’s still in there,” he wrote. “I can’t stand seeing my name on the work that I didn’t even work on.”

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