Survey Reveals Netflix Most Popular Streaming Service During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Disney might be gaining ground on the streaming service market with its offerings on Disney+, but it seems like Netflix remains the winning choice during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Now that the COVID-19 outbreak has been forcing the government to put the country under lockdown, people have been forced to stay at home. With so much idle time on their hands, people have been turning to streaming services to keep them busy.

While streaming sites like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO have seen a significant boost in traffic during the start of the quarantine, Netflix has been getting the most out of the lockdown.

High Speed Internet just recently surveyed 500 people asking them about their streaming habits and it seems like the survey results revealed that Netflix was still the top choice for streaming service subscribers.

The first question on the survey asked participants to choose a streaming service site that they would subscribe to if they were only allowed to remain with one. The result? More or less half of the respondents decided to go with Netflix.

47% of the 500 participants of the survey choose Netflix as a response, 14% chose Amazon Prime Video, 13.6% chose Hulu, and 13% decided on Disney+.

The survey also asked participants why they chose the streaming site that they did. It turns out that 75% of the respondents choose their answers based on content. Seeing how Netflix has one of the largest roster of films and series in the streaming market, it makes sense that the site would be a fan-favorite.


Which site would you choose? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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