J.J. Abrams Pays Tribute to Star Wars Actor Who Died From COVID-19

Star Wars fans everywhere were saddened when it was announced that Andrew Jack had passed away due to the dreaded Coronavirus. Death is always a tragedy and the fact that so many people are dying right now due to this epidemic is just sad, especially since there won't be any funerals anytime soon. J.J. Abrams, who directed Jack in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, went to social media and paid tribute to the deceased actor.

Abrams mentions how lovely Jack was as a person, stating that he was the movie's dialect coach but was so good that he ended up getting the role of Major Caluan Ematt in the sequel trilogy. It's clear that the acclaimed director misses Jack and we're pretty sad to see another person pass away due to this freaking virus.

Due to COVID-19 running rampant, many people have been forced to stay at home so that the virus doesn't spread. Unfortunately, a number of morons haven't taken this seriously and are actually spreading it a bit while not knowing. While there is a good chance of survival, it's still fairly deadly for those that are older or are battling other symptoms.

If you need some Star Wars to cheer you up, all nine movies are available for purchase on digital stores. There's also a good chance that the movie will get some playtime on the Disney+ streaming service, though no date for that has been released.

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