Superman and Lois Episode 14 RELEASE DATE and TIME, Countdown, Where to Watch, Teasers, Previews, News and Everything You Need to Know

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Superman & Lois will be skipping another two weeks for the extension of the series but it will surely be worth the wait as the story deepens into bringing into Arrowverse various DC Comic villains. The show's penultimate run, Episode 14, is about to arrive so be ready with everything you need to know from where to watch the series, to teasers, to previews, and have the release date and time set on your countdown.

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Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Superman & Lois. Read at your own risk!

Superman & Lois Episode 13 Preview & Recap

In Superman & LoisEpisode 13, Fail Safe, Superman visits Edge in the holding facility he is in. As for Lois and Chrissy, they investigate together on a story they are working on to expose the truth about what Edge did in Smallville. Jonathan has a surprise when he came home from a long day in school and he found a John and a suit in their barn. Still, because they skipped school, they're grounded.

However, Edge escaped from his cell but Superman is too late to prevent him to do so. They hit the air in a chase and Edge is on his attempt to become the "eradicator."


Superman & Lois Episode 14 Preview

Superman & Lois Episode 14 will be titled The Eradicator and we see one of his sons look at what seems to be a suit, Lois and Superman talking to General Lane, an ongoing rally for justice, Superman falling to his knees, and Lois weeping her heart out in the embrace of her husband. It seems like something sinister is about to happen.


Where to Watch Superman & Lois Episode 14?

The CW airs Superman & Lois, forming part of the Arrowverse, on their cable channel and in its online platforms such as The CW App and, with a live stream for those with an active subscription on Hulu+ Live TV, YouTubeTV, and AT&T TV Now. You could also expect the whole season to turn up on HBO Max like the first few episodes before their first break.

When is Release Date and Release Time Superman & Lois Episode 14?

Superman and Lois Episode 14 RELEASE DATE and TIME 1
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Credit: The CW

There would be another two-week break for Superman & Lois as it seems that with the Tokyo Olympics coming up next week, they wouldn't want to compete with that so this would mean that Episode 14 will be releasing on August 10, 2021, at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT on the cable channel of The CW and the live stream on Hulu+ Live TV, YouTubeTV, and AT&T TV Now. It will be online for streaming the morning after it has been released on TV at and The CW App.


Superman & Lois Episode 14 Countdown

Superman & Lois Episode 14


What is Edge up to this time? As Season 2 is confirmed to happen and Season 1 has these two upcoming episodes as an extension to its original 13-episode run, having some time off could be a perk to them as well. In two weeks, Superman & Lois will be back for the penultimate episode.

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