Superman & Lois Has Officially Been Renewed for Second Season

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It's no secret that the CW's version of the Man of Steel had a rocky start in the DC television universe but it's safe to say that Tyler Hoechlin's take on Superman has won the hearts of a lot of fans through the years. In fact, his latest outing as the mighty Kryptonian in Superman & Lois is proving to be a huge success following its impressive debut.


Now, it looks like Tyler's version of the iconic DC superhero will be soaring even further as it was announced that the new Arrowverse series has been greenlit for a second season. Ahead of Episode 2's premiere, the official Twitter handle for Superman & Lois excitingly confirmed that Season 2 is in the works.

Fans have been raving about the series which pays homage to the Man of Steel's comic book roots while incorporating new spins to the beloved comic book superhero. Viewers are also drawn to the show's stunning cinematic visuals which almost feels as if you're watching a full-length feature film than your typical television series.

While it's still early to say whether Superman & Lois would be able to ride the wave of momentum and end up being great overall, to its credit, things are still looking pretty promising for the new DC series. It also helps that the show seemingly revolves around the idea that Superman can't save the world alone and that's why his twin sons Jon and Jordan Kent exist in Earth-Prime. I'm guessing Season 2 will explore the heroic journey of the Kent twins and we just might see a Super-family get introduced by then.

Superman & Lois is available for streaming on the CW app and website for free.

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