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Superman & Lois Takes Page Out of Man of Steel's Iconic Comic Book Debut

Credit: CW

The CW finally premiered its own Man of Steel spinoff show Superman & Lois and in all fairness, it looks like the series headlined by Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch is off to an amazing start, initially garnering an 89% score on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer before its grand premiere. The new DC series also seems to be a hit amongst fans.

Unlike any other CW series, Superman & Lois has a cinematic treatment to it that fans genuinely loved. The 2-hour series premiere was home to several epic moments but people who tuned in were raving about the massive easter egg featured in the show and to say that it's your typical easter egg is quite an understatement, it's fan service at its finest.

In one of the series' scenes, Kal-El can be seen wearing the costume Superman donned during his first appearance in Action Comics #1. Not only that, but Tyler also recreated arguably the most iconic comic book cover of all time as Superman catches a falling car to save a Metropolis citizen. Check it out here:

It's no secret that Hoechlin's first flight as the mighty Kryptonian hero initially fell flat and was met with underwhelming reviews but as time went by, fans and critics alike have started to warm up to the actor and have grown to appreciate his take on the iconic DC superhero. Now, let's just "hope" that the show will maintain its momentum because quite frankly, that will be the true test that would determine how good of a show it actually is.

Superman & Lois is available for streaming on CW's website and app for free.

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