Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Luigi is Alive and Kicking According to Nintendo

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Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that Simon Belmont from Castlevania will be the latest third-party character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they did so with a stellar new trailer. The video shocked fans in more ways than one and it wasn't just because we saw Simon and Richter but also due to the death of Luigi, who most people know as Mario's brother.

It was a shocking moment when a reaper took Luigi's soul and it made fans wonder why the company was so bloodthirsty. They did the same thing during Ridley's gameplay trailer, which had the Metroid villain kill Mario and Mega Man. King K. Rool may have also killed Kirby character King Dedede, who pretended to be a Donkey Kong villain in that trailer.

Granted, all three characters will still be playable in the game but fans started wondering, perhaps in a joking way, if Luigi was actually dead. The end of the trailer does show his soul trying to go back to his body but to no avail. Nintendo had to tell fans on Twitter that Luigi is okay and will still be playable in Ultimate.


As of this writing, it's not yet known if there will be more new characters but we can expect them to kill off old favorites in their trailers if the most recent videos are any indication.

Nintendo. What's up?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out on December 7.

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