Super Nintendo World: Universal Studios Japan to Open Nintendo Themed Expansion

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With Disney bringing Star Wars and Marvel Studios into the theme park fold, Universal Studios Japan is going to be bringing their own expansion to the park based on beloved mascots and characters—Super Nintendo World.

According to TDRExplorer, Super Nintendo World plans to open sometime in the middle of the year, and while there's no official opening date yet, it's said that Universal wants the park expansion to open before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (which takes place July 24–Aug. 9).

The park is said to include two main locations with two attractions that fans can interact with as well. Super Nintendo World will give us both Peach's and Bowser's castles, and the two rides will be themed around Mario Kart and Yoshi.

I have to say, it's about time that someone actually turned the Nintendo franchise into a theme park. It's kind of weird how Star Wars and Marvel got attractions first before Mario or Yoshi. I mean, Mario is close to being the Mickey Mouse of Japan. It was a no-brainer to have a park themed around the Nintendo characters. Hopefully, this opens the door up to other characters getting introduced to the park—heck, they can introduce the entire Smash Bros lineup if they really wanted to milk it. How great would it be to have a park with Samus walking around or Link from The Legend of Zelda?

No opening date has been announced for Super Nintendo World, but the park is aiming to open before July 2020.

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