Nintendo Direct Solely Focused on Pokemon Announced for This Week

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While Pokemon Sword and Shield were considered controversial titles during their release, fans have warmed up to the Switch games and have even praised them for streamlining some of the mechanics from previous games. Though most of us aren't expecting new mainline titles, for the time being, a Nintendo Direct solely focused on Pokemon was announced for January 9, which is this Thursday.

Some fans are probably hoping that they announce Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes since those titles are the next in line for that treatment. Others have much more realistic expectations and are expecting to see updates on the previously announced Pokemon Home service, which is set to replace Pokemon Bank as the main source for transferring these critters from game-to-game. There are also those that know some sort of Pokemon Sleep announcement will happen since the app took many by surprise since it is designed to help people sleep more.

Only Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company know what to expect when it comes to this Pokemon Direct, so we're gonna have to wait and see. Most of us would be thrilled if it's announced that some of the older games will be joining the Nintendo Switch eShop in some shape or form but we're going to keep our expectations in a realistic manner.

In the meantime, fans can give Pokemon Sword and Shield a shot if they aren't aggressively hating the two games. The Pokemon Direct will take place this Thursday on January 9.

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