Summer Time Rendering Creator Says Another Horizon Adaptation Is Better Than His Manga

Summer Time Rendering Another Horizon Shinpei

Summer Time Rendering Another Horizon Shinpei

While there’s always a debate if a manga or an anime adaptation is better, it seems that there’s a definitive answer for Summer Time Rendering. Recently, series creator Yasuki Tanaka said that the Summer Time Rendering: Another Horizon game is better than his manga.

Tanaka was interviewed recently by Animate Times. There, he shared his thoughts on the newly released video game adaptation of his work.

He also shared why he thinks it might be the best way to experience the story.

Summer Time Rendering and Another Horizon

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While it may have flown under the radar during its Spring to Summer 2022 run, the Summer Time Rendering anime received praise from viewers for its compelling story when it was finally released worldwide on Disney+ and Hulu.

What makes it a must-watch in the eyes of many fans is that it’s based on a manga series that already ended, meaning the series’ story is complete.

This is great for anime fans who want to watch an anime series that has a proper animated ending.

After all, many anime adaptations don’t get finished, especially those that are based on ongoing manga.

Both the manga and anime may be over, but fans had another reason to experience the series’ story and world with the release of the Summer Time Rendering: Another Horizon video game.

Announced a few months ago, this game is a visual novel adaptation of the manga by the creators of Steins;Gate.

Aside from retelling the game’s events, Another Horizon introduces new original stories and endings.

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Yasuki Tanaka Says Another Horizon Game Is Better Than the Manga

When asked about his thoughts on the game, series creator Tanaka said that he was happy about the decision to adapt his work into a video game.

Aside from being a fan of visual novels, Tanaka was also glad that it was made by the same creators of Steins;Gate.

He mentioned how he is addicted to the Science Adventure franchise and that he’s currently playing Anonymous;Code.

While he’s happy with the game, Tanaka mentioned how it felt a bit weird to have a game adaptation.

This is because he believes a visual novel is the best medium to tell the kind of story that Summer Time Rendering has.

He specifically said that being able to control the characters makes it easier to empathize with them.

Summer Time Rendering Another Horizon Ushio
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Because of this, he believes fans can enjoy the story more deeply with Another Horizon compared to the manga.

Though, whichever medium fans prefer, Summer Time Rendering is a highly recommended series for those who are interested in supernatural mystery stories.

While Summer Time Rendering’s anime is streaming now on Hulu and Disney+ outside Japan, there’s no word yet on whether the game will be released in English outside Japan.

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Source: Animate Times

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