SUMC: Sony has Officially Named their Spider-Man Spinoff Cinematic Universe

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Despite finally sharing Spider-Man with Marvel Studios, Sony is still adamant in making their own superhero spinoff universe. Venom is said to kickstart it this coming October, and with other movies on the way Sony, has officially named their cinematic branch of Marvel… SUMC.

According to Variety, SUMC actually stands for Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. It's a bit generic if you ask me, but the acronym already does share three of the letters with ‘MCU'—probably meant to be misleading.

With Venom said to be taking place outside of the main MCU timeline, a lot of people are suggesting that Sony could just end up casting another Spider-Man for the SUMC. If anything, it gives freedom for the MCU to make their own version of Venom, complete with Peter Parker-related origin; which I'm all good for.


For now, this is the list of films we should expect from the SUMC: Spider-Man: Far from Home; Venom; Morbius the Living Vampire; Kraven the Hunter; Silk; and Jackpot.

I, like some other fans, really don't want these movies to be bad, but others have been thinking that the Venom film should fail so as Sony will finally take the hint and just let Marvel Studios do all the creative work. Then again, I do admit the suit in the trailers looks awesome. Venom may have some corny lines, but he looks massively scary to be funny.

Venom comes out Oct.5.

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