Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Spin-off Movie Now Has a Writer

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If there was some sort of saving grace for Suicide Squad, it would have to be Margot Robbie's portrayal of Joker's ladylove, Harley Quinn.

So it's no surprise that fans were interested in seeing a solo or a spin-off movie featuring the mallet-wielding puddin'. And Warner Bros seems to be listening to its fans once more.

The Wrap learned that there's already a screenwriter linked to the movie. Christina Hodson, known for her work in The Fugitive and The Eden Project, will be writing the script. However, the movie itself isn't only focused on Harley Quinn alone.

Instead, it will be a Birds of Prey movie, which will feature some of the bad and badass women in the DC comics universe. Margot Robbie is already tagged to the project not just as Harley Quinn, but also as producer.

However, officially, there is no word yet from Warner Bros as far as the project is concerned. The progress of the project may not be all that far, because there is no information yet on how exactly the studio plans to flesh out each character.

Of course, that last bit is the most important part, especially with the pace that the DC films are going at this point. We've already seen how that may have botched previous films. And with the developments in the solo films that DC has lined up, the creative visions that the studio and the production crew may go at odds once more.

For now, DC's lineup of films include The Flash, Aquaman, Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie, Shazam, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, Dark Universe, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel 2, and the awaited Justice League. Hopefully, we'll hear more about Birds of Prey once Warner Bros gives the official go signal.

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