08 Feb 2017 9:51 AM +00:00 UTC

Suicide Squad/Resident Evil Mash-up May Be a Better Flick

Let’s face it, one of the things that sold Suicide Squad to a lot of people were the cool remixed trailers.

And even if the movie didn’t deliver all that was promised, it sees that the shorter and spliced version of Suicide Squad could work as an entire movie in itself. In particular, the movie revolving around the mystical and otherworldly aspects of The Enchantress would work wonders.

YouTuber Ryan Ziegler pretty much proved this in his mash-up clip of Suicide Squad set to the tone of Resident Evil VII’s Go Tell Aunt Rhody.





While the clip includes most of the people in the squad, the main player is The Enchantress portrayed by Cara DeLevingne. In the actual movie, she’s far from being the star, as her backstory was really pretty simple. An archaeologist is on a relic exploration gone wrong, and instead becomes the vessel for the otherworldly Enchantress.

The music itself plays a big role, as the villain becomes a more terrifying and creepy story of possession and vengeance on people—making the train scene even more diabolical.

We see the other Suicide Squad members in the fray, though they merely look like fellows in the Arkham Asylum who broke out of prison, given the clip’s sequence. I don’t see how that won’t work either. Even Diablo’s rampage and Joker’s craziness kind of fits into the mix, I guess.

This is a nice clip, if only fans can see how a horror-slanted Suicide Squad would go. You could say that this is one of those trailers that will hook you again and again—thanks to great mash-ups, music, and mixes.

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