Justice League Cyborg Fan Theory Confirmed

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The revealed sequence of events in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have been so odd after all. A long-time fan theory has finally been confirmed.

In the latest issue of Total Film (scan via Reddit), fans finally get to stop the speculation on what happened to the three Mother Boxes. Previously, it was known that one had gone to the Atlanteans and the other to the Amazonians. While the third is known to be with mankind, fans can only speculate that it was with Cyborg, given the sequence in the film where he seems to merge with Victor Stone.


The exclusive feature now confirmed this fan theory, stating that the Mother Boxes are in the possession of three races that represent the trifecta.

"The location of two remain a mystery. But we already know what happened to mankind's Mother Box—it's seen imbuing Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, with his incredible abilities in BvS, though the luminescent weapon seen in this image is a new addition to Cyborg's Swiss-army knife body."

How this entire dynamic will play a role in Justice League, we still have to wait and see. What we do know is that while Darkseid won't be in the movie, Steppenwolf will be there searching for the Mother Boxes himself. It may be a sort of race between the good guys versus the bad.

Perhaps the only thing that worries me is how the Mother Boxes are described as MacGuffins, considering its actual description in fiction. But that's beside the point. It's more interesting to see how being a Mother Box will affect Cyborg, since it seems like his existence may be all thank to his fusion with one of them.

Justice League will be out in theaters on Nov. 17.

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