Suicide Squad Isekai Reveals Early US Debut with Triple Episode Release

suicide squad isekai us release harley
Credit: DC | 2024 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.

suicide squad isekai us release harley
Credit: DC | 2024 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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To the delight of many DC fans, Suicide Squad Isekai will get an earlier US release date. This new anime will premiere in the US later this month – over one week ahead of its recently revealed Japanese premiere.

DC confirmed the show’s early premiere in the US today, and that’s not all. The premiere will also stream the show’s first three episodes. Plus, the anime’s US release schedule has been confirmed.

Suicide Squad Isekai to Premiere Earlier in the US

In Japan, the new Suicide Squad Isekai anime will premiere on July 6 and air on various Japanese TV networks. Given this, many expected the show to also premiere on that day internationally.

Interestingly, that is not the case, as this new DC anime will premiere in the US on June 27. On that day, the first three episodes of the anime will be streamed.

As for where to watch it, fans will be able to stream the anime on Max and Hulu. Max is a given as this show is a Warner Bros. production, though Hulu is a bit of a surprise given that it’s under Disney.

Given that this new anime is a DC series, it makes sense that it’s getting released earlier in the US.

It’s still a bit surprising though, especially as this is still a Japanese production. After all, the anime is being made by Wit Studio of Spy x Family and Ranking of Kings fame.

Suicide Squad Isekai US Release Schedule Explained

Some fans may think that the early premiere will just be for the initial episodes, but as it turns out, the entire anime’s release schedule is earlier in the US.

Following the premiere of episodes 1 to 3, one new episode will be released every Thursday.

Thus, episode 4 will be available on July 4, meaning the US release will already be on its fourth episode when the Japanese premiere happens.

It was also confirmed that the show’s final episode will be released on August 15, meaning the anime will only have 10 episodes.

DC’s New Anime Is a Unique Take on the Suicide Squad

Even though it’s going to be a short series, it still promises to be a must-watch for DC fans given how unique it is.

As its title implies, Suicide Squad Isekai will see the iconic DC anti-hero group get transported into a fantasy world featuring a magic kingdom, orcs, and dragons.

All the while, the squad’s members have a bomb on their necks that will explode in 72 hours if they don’t complete their mission.

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