Suicide Squad Director Says Diablo Would Have Lived and Harley Was Gonna Date Deadshot Until Reshoots Happened

David Ayer's Suicide Squad was the DCEU film people had high hopes for, thanks to all of the awesome trailers and some colorful marketing material that made it seem different from crap like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately, the end product was a weirdly-edited movie with some solid star-power that ended up being pretty generic when it comes to all the superhero movies we've seen.

Since he won't be directing the pseudo-sequel/soft-reboot The Suicide Squad, Ayer has since revealed some interesting details about the DCEU movie he made. We all heard that reshoots changed a lot of the movie, supposedly cutting out a lot of Harley/Joker material but Ayer has revealed even more intriguing plot-points that were removed.

It turns out that Diablo was supposed to survive and the reshoots decided to kill him off, which was pretty annoying. He was one of the few likable characters in the film and even had an arc of sorts so to see them senselessly kill him off was annoying. They were also supposed to set up a Harley Quinn/Deadshot romance, which was in line with the Suicide Squad comics that were released back then.

Considering the tight hold Warner Bros had on these DC movies at the time, it's a shame that Ayer's Suicide Squad ended up being so butchered, though it came off easy when compared to Justice League. Still, there were clearly a lot of things that were removed that could have made this movie a bit better and we can only hope that James Gunn has a better time with his film.

Suicide Squad is now available on digital stores. The Suicide Squad will be coming to theaters next August.

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