30 Apr 2021 4:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Makes Fun of John Cena Going for a Coffee Run in his Peacemaker Costume

It seems that John Cena has been extremely fond of his Peacemaker costume that he wears it in his daily life activities such as going for a coffee run. This isn't the first instance, though, as he wears it even while napping and going to interviews that are not related to the film. It has been a running joke with the crew that even the director of Suicide Squad James Gunn posted a funny tweet about him with his photo.

In the tweet of the director, he posted a photo of John Cena wearing his Peacemaker costume and wearing a mask while getting coffee. He captioned it, "what's weird is that this is on John's day off," clearly making fun of Cena. In response, Cena replied, "Why is that weird? Just breaking in the uniform. PS, it's quite difficult to shower in...but I manage."

This funny exchange had fans laughing, at the same time, excited for what John Cena has to offer as Peacemaker. He seems to have been loving his character since day one that he is so attached to it, he wears his costume even in his daily routine. His response to Gunn was absolute fun especially when he said it's difficult to shower in such a costume.


More than the fun part is that these instances showing John Cena wearing his Peacemaker costume in random circumstances show how great he looks in it, a tight red and blue top having a logo attached in the middle coupled with tan pants, holster, and his black boots. It makes sense why he has a spin-off series in the first place – he wears the character, not the character wearing him. He makes the Peacemaker his own.

The Suicide Squad premieres on August 6, 2021, and Peacemaker is set to have its release in January 2022, both on HBO Max.

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