Street Man Fighter Infuriates BTOB Fans Due to a Dance Crew’s Name

Credit: MNET TV Via The Choom/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MNET TV Via The Choom/YouTube Screenshot

Street Man Fighter failed to receive the same amount of support as Street Woman Fighter.

Mnet officially greenlit the arrival of Street Man Fighter through Be the SMF. Dance crews from different parts of South Korea came together for the official premiere of the show: 1Million, MBITIOUS, JustJerk, YGX, PRIME KINGZ, WDBZ, EO-DDAE, and BIIB.

However, one of the dance crew names caused BTOB fans to slam the show and Mnet.

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BTOB Fans Call Out Mnet Due to Dance Crew’s Name

On July 6, BTOB fans immediately noticed something wrong with the lineup.

It turned out that the dance crew, BIIB, reads as B TO B. It stands for the dance crew’s full name, BANK2BROTHERS. Melodies immediately expressed their anger through an online community as the idol group’s name appeared on the show after the network tweaked it a little.

In addition, they noticed that BIIB’s logo is similar to what the boy group used during the early days of its career. To prove these, they shared photos of the logos and compared them side by side.

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One fan club member noted that Mnet wrote BIIB’s name in Korean the same as BTOB’s (비투비).

Due to these issues, Melodies accused the network of intentionally using BIIB’s name, Born To Be Hip catchphrase, and the logo based on the idol group.

"It's ridiculous because the dance crew's name is 'BANK2BROTHERS' but they using 'BTOB' on the YouTube videos. We just want them to use the name 'BANK2BROTHERS (B2B),” one member pleaded.

Mnet has not released a statement regarding the recent issue. BTOB and its agency also have not commented on it.

Street Man Fighter Snubbed at Street Woman Fighter’s Concert

Before the recent premiere, Mnet brought the dance crews of Street Man Fighter to the concert for their first mission stage.

However, per KBizoom the concertgoers expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment over the move.

They alleged that Mnet kept promoting Street Man Fighter through Street Woman Fighter. They were also dismayed as the Street Woman Fighter leaders had to film all day long just to promote the eight teams of the new series.

It remains unknown whether the male dance crews will appear again in the upcoming The 2022 Street Woman Fighter Reunion Concert [THE NEXT ERA] at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on Saturday and Sunday.

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