Stray Kids Bang Chan Says He Underwent Minor Surgery Due to Serious Sinus Issue

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Credit: SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Stray Kids Bang Chan remains strong after his minor surgery.

In the past years since his debut, Bang Chan has been openly reminding fans to take care of themselves, especially their mental health.

For instance, he once shared a video and gave advice to fans, especially those suffering from stress.

But this time, Bang Chan needed their support as the K-pop boy group leader faced a health issue recently.

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What Happened to Stay Kids Member Bang Chan?

On Sunday, Bang Chan started his weekly broadcast on V Live, where he revealed that he felt more tired than usual, worrying fans.

According to the God’s Menu singer, he has a serious sinus problem in which his right nostril is too tight. Due to that, there is a big difference when he breathes in the air. Although he can cope with it when he is awake, more problems occur when he is asleep as he tends to wake up in the middle of the night to gasp for air.

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“I thought that was really dangerous, and I thought I had to fix it, so I went to the hospital today. Last year, I got the same [procedure] done as well. So I thought I might have to do it again, because they did say [back then], ‘Once you do it, it’s going to grow back anyway, so if it does grow back, come back.’ So I thought it might be a good time to go [get the procedure done],” he said.

With that, he received a mini-surgery before holding his broadcast.

Bang Chan Might Receive More Invasive Surgery

In the same video, Bang Chan expressed his concerns that he might receive a more invasive procedure if the recent one would not resolve the problem.

His doctor reportedly told him that they would have to fix his nose in general if nothing changed.

But in the end, he assures his fans that he is fine and that things should be okay after the surgery.


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