#StrangerThingsDay: Official Stranger Things Poster Brings Together All 3 Seasons

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Today is November 6, and for Stranger Things fans, it's the day that Will Byers first went missing back in 1983. A lot of fans are supposedly commemorating #StrangerThingsDay online, and the official twitter account for the show has shared this poster which brings together all three seasons.

Check it out:

Though a fourth season is in the works, a lot of people think that the show could pretty much end with the third. After all, you have a lot of completed character arcs, what with Hopper gone, Eleven being adopted by the Byers, and them leaving Hawkins.


We don't know what's in store exactly for the next season, but we do know that the Russians will be involved, and we may just be coming back to Hawkins one way or another. What I'm curious about is how they're going to handle the kids, seeing as they've all grown past the age we all fell in love with them. Hopefully, the Duffer Brothers have something interesting in store for Mike, Eleven, and the rest of the characters.

Not to mention we need to see more of Robin and Steve. Heck, the show could probably spin the characters off into a Clerks/Better Call Saul-type show where we just follow their mishaps while they run Scoops Ahoy.

No official release date has been announced for Stranger Things 4, but hopefully, it comes out sometime in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out the first three seasons now on Netflix.

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