Stranger Things VFX Artist Calls Out Netflix After Claiming That Vecna Has No CGI

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Stranger Things Season 4 intends to set things up for the impending finale of the Netflix hit series. The fourth season divulged so much new information about the creation of Upside Down, how the creatures from it were born, and the Mind-Flayer's creation. More importantly, the show also introduced the menacing Vecna, who appears to be the King and the root of the Upside Down. Thanks to the VFX and SFX artists, for making it possible to make Vecna as eerie as possible. Sadly, in a recent post, Netflix failed to recognize the talented creatives that brought Vecna to life.

In a now-deleted post, Netflix Geeked paid tribute to Vecna's horrifying look while also claiming that the villain was created entirely with practical effects by a team of extremely talented individuals. The caption wrote: "That's no CGI: to apply Vecna's full-body practical look, it too a four-person team between 6-7 hours every day to apply the full-body transformation in Stranger Things 4."

Stranger Things Season 4 VFX artist Matthew McDonald totally refuses the claim, clarifying that CGI was 'absolutely' utilized to create Vecna. According to him, this claim diminishes all the hard work that the VFX artists endured just to make Vecna as terrifying as possible.

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In a separate tweet, McDonald praises everyone behind Vecna's creation. The VFX artist closes the statement by saying that one mustn't punch down any craft, and elucidated that the filming process was completely collaborative.


Based on what Vecna looked like on the final edit, it's highly unlikely that the villain was created entirely with practical effects. Considering that Vecna has moving tentacles around his body that slithers around, the VFX artists were surely critical in making sure that the villain looks real yet also spine-chilling.

Now that Netflix Geeked deleted the tweet, it's safe to assume that it was just an honest mistake. However, every creative and filmmaker should reflect on this oversight. Not everyone gets the recognition they deserve in this kind of industry and diminishing their work is probably too much for the creatives to handle.

All episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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