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Stranger Things Season 5: This is How David Harbour Wants to End Hopper’s Story

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Police Chief Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, has become a fan-favorite in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. So as the fifth and final season is about to come, the actor wishes his character to have a happy ending in Stranger Things Season 5 finale, but is it possible to happen?

Harbour revealed he has no idea how Stranger Things Season 5 will run, but he strongly believes that everyone shall receive a proper ending. For everything his beloved character, Hopper, has been through, he knows he “deserves peace.”

David Harbour’s Hopes for Jim Hopper

In an interview with Total Film, Harbour shared his desires for his character as the show nears its end. Of course, just like fans, the actor wants Hopper to survive.

“It’s funny. I believe in a fundamental morality in storytelling and that characters should get what they deserve. Which is more complex than just smiles,” he said. “But I certainly think that Hopper is someone who’s been through a lot. I think he deserves peace, so I’d like to see that achieved.”

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However, he knows his character’s future still depends on the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer.

“But the real question you have to ask yourself is: are the Duffers Dickensian? Or are they Kafka-esque?” he continued. “Do they believe in the big turkey dinner at the end of A Christmas Carol? I wonder myself, you know? I’m very curious to see how it unfolds.”

Hopper’s ‘Cursed’ Fate

True enough, Hopper has been through a lot across the series’ four seasons. He was recently held captive in a Russian prison and even tortured before Joyce (Winona Ryder), and Murray (Brett Gelman) saved him and brought him back to Hawkins.

Everything he has been through made him believe he has a “cursed fate,” citing all the incidents that have happened throughout his life.

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That said, many will agree that he deserves to have a happy ending in Stranger Things Season 5.

Is it a Happy or Sad Ending for Hopper?

Details about Stranger Things Season 5 remain under wraps; thus, no one knows what will happen to Hopper.

However, he may have the happy ending he dreams of, settling down with Joyce and having a new family he once lost. Eleven may also join them, though it still depends on her fate.

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Alternatively, it’s not far that Hopper may have a sad conclusion for his story. Knowing he will do everything to save his loved ones, to the point that he will sacrifice his life, he may meet his demise in the fight against Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bowers) and other monsters from the Upside Down.

Whatever the case is, the last and final season is definitely a must-see.

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