Stranger Things Season 5 Theories: Kali May Come to Help Eleven Face Vecna

Credit: BrainPilot/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BrainPilot/YouTube Screenshot

The Duffer Brothers have bounded Stranger Things Season 5 in secrecy, resulting in several fan-made theories surrounding the series. With the many storylines and plot twists that viewers expect to happen, one of them is the possible return of Kali, a.k.a. Eight (Linnea Berthelsen), Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) sister.

Aside from Eleven and Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), Kali is the only living child from Hawkins Lab. If she ever returns to Stranger Things Season 5, she may help Eleven face Vecna, resulting in an epic showdown.

Kali Possesses Power Like Vecna’s

In the second season, Eleven met her sister, Kali, but eventually left her in Chicago to help her friends in Hawkins.

She was briefly mentioned in Season 4 when Vecna talked about her departure from Hawkins Lab.

Kali possesses an incredible power that differs from Eleven’s, meaning they have their own skills.

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However, she seems to have the same ability as Vecna with their hallucination abilities.

Now that the Upside Down is seeping into Hawkins, Kali may return to help her sister bring Vecna down.

Kali, Vecna’s Connection

Vecna knows Kali. In fact, his alter ego, Henry, confirmed that she escaped Hawkins Lab before he massacred the kids and staff.

But he didn’t bother to find her. Kali is the only child with hallucinatory abilities, different from Eleven's usual telekinesis power.

According to ScreenRant, Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) might have decided not to develop her skills as he did with Eleven and other kids, believing others could be more useful to him than Kali.

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So, her escape didn’t matter much, unlike Eleven, for whom they moved heaven and earth to find. This just means that neither Dr. Brenner nor Henry thought Kali was a powerful asset like Eleven.

Also, Henry may not see her as a big threat. So if she returns in Stranger Things Season 5, she can be an unexpected wildcard in Eleven and Vecna’s showdown.

How Can Kali Fight Vecna?

Kali’s special skillset quite mimics Vecna’s. Though it remains to be seen if she can also access people’s minds to control their hallucinations, she can possibly get into his perception if they face each other.

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This move may help Eleven buy time to use her superpowers on him. Kali also loves her sister, which can be proved by her sadness when she leaves her in Chicago.

So, if she ever hears or feels what’s happening to Eleven, she may come to her rescue.

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