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Stranger Things Season 5: Shawn Levy Teases the Roller Coaster of Emotions Fans about to Feel

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Stranger Things Season 5 is one of the most awaited releases on Netflix. As it will end the saga that brought fans to the edge of their seats for the past four seasons, its frequent director, Shawn Levy, teases that the final season will be both "epic and very emotional."

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have been hinting at how intense Stranger Things Season 5 will be. With Levy's recent revelation, it looks like the final season will give fans a roller coaster of emotions and mixed feelings.

Shawn Levy Hints at What Fans Will Feel in Stranger Things Season 5

In an interview with Collider, Levy revealed how the final season would roll out.

"This last season will be both epic and very emotional," he said.

"I think making it will be pretty damn emotional, too, since this show has changed the life of every one of us who have worked on it," he continued. "Anyway, writing is going really well, and we can't wait to head into production next year."

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It can't be denied that the series has made a significant impact since it premiered in 2016. Now, after six years, everyone is waiting for how the eccentric story of the small town of Hawkins will wrap up.

The Stars' Development that Makes the Series a Phenomenon

When Stranger Things began, it introduced fans to lesser-known artists. Millie Bobby Brown wasn't a big star yet at the time until Netflix conquered the world.

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As the show developed over the years, many have seen how these young stars evolve and play their strengths.

"The other thing that people don't quite get is that all of us who work on the show are fans of the show. Which means we feel lucky to be a part of creating this special thing together," he added.

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"I think people would be surprised by the extent to which the Duffers channel the individuality of each actor and write to their strengths," Levy stated. "Part of why the show feels so character-rich is that the duffers custom tailor every character, and every line of every character, to the individuality of the actor. That kind of synchronicity between performer and character -- which not all writers know how to create, by the way -- that's astonishing to me, and it's a Duffer superpower and a huge part of why the show is what it is."

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