Stranger Things Season 4 Resumes Production With Eerie Set Photo

It's finally happening: Stranger Things Season 4 has resumed production and the show confirmed it in the best possible way. A new set photo has just been revealed and it could mean it's time to go back to the Upside Down.

The set photo was shared on the official Stranger Things Twitter account and it teases an eerie glimpse at what fans should expect in Season 4. Check it out below.

"Meanwhile in the upside-down..." the caption reads. The image features a clapperboard with an old clock in the background. However, fans were quick to note that the mysterious dark place appears to be in the Upside Down.

Although there's not much to go on with this picture, it does confirm that production has resumed for Stranger Things Season 4. This is definitely welcome news considering that filming for the fourth season has been drastically delayed due to COVID-19. Hopefully, the cast and crew are keeping safe on the set and will be able to provide some cool updates soon.

The premise of Stranger Things Season 4 is still a huge mystery although we already have an idea of what to look forward to next year. The first teaser for the upcoming season already confirmed that Hopper is still alive but is a very long way from home. Needless to say, his fate is the one thing fans are hoping will get resolved as soon as possible.

Stranger Things Season 4 has not yet been given an official release date. However, the show is already expected to return on Netflix by 2021.

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