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Stranger Things Anime Series Spinoff Reportedly In the Works

There is no doubt at this point that Stranger Things is Netflix's biggest hit. While the series is about to go into its final season, the franchise will still live on since there are plans to do spinoffs that expand the universe even further. Now, we have our first information on one of their spinoff plans and it sounds like they're venturing into the world of animation.

According to a report from What's on Netflix, a Stranger Things anime series spinoff is currently in the works on Netflix. It is set to be the first of many spinoff plans for the show's franchise and it will also mark its foray into the animation medium.

The spinoff titled Stranger Things Tokyo will center on video game-loving twin brothers, who are living on the outskirts of 1980s Tokyo, that got themselves involved in a grand adventure after an encounter with the Upside Down. The series is planned to be around "6 hours long."

So far, Netflix themselves has not confirmed the news nor it was reported by the major trades so we may still have to take it with a grain of salt. However, it came from a reliable Netflix news site so it is very likely that it ends up being true.

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Considering that Netflix has plans to do more Stranger Things spinoffs to expand the franchise and they have done a lot of original anime productions, it is not surprising to hear that they're planning to do an anime take on the popular series. After all, they have done it before as well in some of their original properties such as Altered Carbon.

The concept also sounds very interesting since it looks like the series will explore the idea of the Upside Down from the perspective of other parts of the world and this adds up to the mythology that they're expanding with the main show.

Since we haven't heard an official confirmation from Netflix or the Duffer Brothers, it might take a while before we hear any significant news or development about the project. Nevertheless, it is exciting to hear some of their plans regarding the Stranger Things franchise after the main show is done.

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The first four seasons of Stranger Things are available to stream on Netflix.

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