Stranger Things 4 Writers Reveal Moments in Volume 2 That The Actors Improvised

The fourth season of Stranger Things has finally finished its run and there were a lot of scenes in volume 2 that fans can't stop talking about whether it's some small character moments or pivotal scenes regarding the fate of our favorite characters. As everyone is discussing the events of the last two episodes of the season, the writers are now sharing some interesting behind-the-scenes information that may or may not surprise you.

Throughout the weekend since the second volume was released, the official Twitter account of the Stranger Things writing team have been posting a lot of behind-the-scenes information regarding the two episodes in which they revealed that there were some moments that were actually improvised by the actors.

You can check the tweets here and find out which moments the actors on the show improvised:

It's not unusual for actors to improvise scenes on the spot during filming. However, nevertheless, it is still cool to hear that some of our favorite moments in Volume 2 were improvised by the actors which just shows how much value they add to bringing the characters to life besides performing them based on the pages. After all, they played them for a long time already so they know their characters as much as the writers do.

The last two episodes were trending online over the past weekend as fans have been discussing the key events that happened and the fate of the characters who didn't end up surviving the Hawkins gang's fight against Vecna. Now, all eyes are on the fifth season and a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing how the series will conclude.

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The entire fourth season of Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix. There is no release window yet for the fifth season.

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