Stranger Things 4 Star Jamie Campbell Bower Teases What's Next for Vecna in Season 5

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4.

Aside from the Hawkins gang, Stranger Things Season 4 heavily emphasized Vecna's origin story starting from his upbringing. Played by Jamie Campbell Bower, we discovered that Henry Creel was Doctor Brenner's first subject experiment, which seemingly led to his villainous turn and developed a new sinister perspective as Vecna of the Upside Down.

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Season 4 revealed that Vecna plans to return to the real world but has to collect four victims to cut the line that separates the Upside Down from Hawkins. Sadly, Vecna succeded and the city now has to suffer the consequences, which also sets up the climax for Season 5. However, now that Vecna's plan worked, what is the villain's next agenda?

"His experience has led him to this point of believing — actually, knowing, not necessarily believing — that people present a falsity and this world is just full of liars," Bower told TV Line. "He really wants to change that for the greater good."

Henry Creel is unquestionably a psychopath even as a child, which makes him a more dangerous villain. Eleven attempted to console Vecna by letting him know that their Papa is dead and he no longer has to live like a monster, just like what their Papa taught them to do. Disturbingly, Vecna clarified that it was not their Papa who shaped him into a horrifying monster but it was all himself all along.

Vecna's unsettling desire to change the world according to his terms makes him extremely dangerous not just for Hawkins, but to the whole world this time. With that, the Hawkins gang would surely do anything to stop the menacing villain from destroying the world in the final season.

All episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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