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Stranger Things 4: Sadie Sink Opens Up About What's Inside Max's Letter for Lucas

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 centered more on Sadie Sink's Max as she overcomes her traumas mainly after losing her step-brother Billy in the previous season, and as she becomes Vecna's latest prey. As soon as she discovered that she has fallen victim to the menacing villain, she prepared letters for each of her friends. Luckily, Max survived, but what those letters contain remains a mystery.

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Fans have constantly wanted to divulge what's inside these letters. They want to know what Max wrote for Dustin, Eleven, and most especially, her ex-boyfriend Lucas. Thankfully, Sadie Sink recently unveiled her ideas on what the letter might say for Lucas.

"With Max and Lucas, it’s so tricky because they both just really care about each other, but the love and care that Lucas has for Max terrifies her, and the love and care that she has for Lucas terrifies her, so she would never say anything to that extent in person," Sink told THR. "So, I think throughout this letter, hypothetically, she would probably express some of that care and love that she has for him in a really genuine and vulnerable way. Or maybe she’s not letting go of her values even when she’s dead, and it’s just writing on paper."

The fourth season of Stranger Things intensely highlighted Sadie Sink's range as an actress and offered fans an opportunity to explore a new side of Max we've never seen in the previous season. Although it appears that no one knows what these letters contain aside from the Duffer Brothers, it would surely be interesting to know what Max has to say to each of her friends, after shutting them off throughout the whole season.

However, these letters might also be foreshadowing Max's death in the upcoming second volume. Volume 1 ends with Max still under Vecna's spell, and her letters remained unopen. If theories were accurate, Max might sadly face demise in the season's Volume 2, and her letters would serve as a farewell to her friends and her mom. Nevertheless, we'll see more of Max in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, which will premiere on July 1.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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