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Stranger Things 4: David Harbour Waited Years To Deliver Hopper's Emotional Monologue

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 are finally here and people are understandably happy to finally catch up with the kids from Hawkins (and California). In addition to that, we now know what has been happening to Jim Hopper who has been taken to Russia.

However, amidst all the terror and violence he has experienced, Hopper gave a haunting and heartbreaking monologue about his past. Interestingly, David Harbour revealed that he had been waiting to give that emotional monologue for several years.

In Chapter Five: The Nina Project, Hopper was once again imprisoned by the Russian after a brief escape. This time, he is imprisoned with Enzo, aka Antonov, the Russian guard who has been helping him escape. As the two talk about the past, Hopper shares how the death of his daughter Sara has affected him and made him struggle to open up to El and Joyce Byers.

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It was a heartbreaking monologue and one that Harbour has been waiting for a long time to deliver.

"I really liked the film noir idea of — it's sort of [like] in 'Memento,' where a man is chasing himself. We have this idea with Hopper: He's a cop, so he sees things pretty much good guys, bad guys, pretty black and white," Harbour told Variety.

He continues, "There's a situation with cancer where his daughter dies. It's cancer. What can you do, right? Who can you lock up when a tragedy like this happen? Then what he really starts to do is go back, and the real bad guy is himself."

We loved the monologue and it certainly gave us a different view of Hopper yet again. Needless to say, we're hoping that everything works out for him in the end.

The last two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on July 1, 2022.

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