Strange Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Theory Suggests Kylo Ren Was Groomed To Be Palpatine's Successor

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There is little doubt that people are currently wondering how Emperor Sheev Palpatine will fit into the storyline in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. After all, the villain is believed to have been slain in Return of the Jedi and his return in Episode IX is truly a shocking one. However, one theory suggests that it isn't as complicated as it should be because Palpatine may have been grooming Kylo Ren to be his successor all this time.

The strange theory was posted on Reddit and basically purports that Kylo Ren is possessed by Darth Plagueis. The lengthy post points out that Plagueis didn't actually die and lose his powers but simply "transmit himself into Sheev and assume control of his body, almost like an infectious disease."

The theory further suggests that Palpatine was already training Darth Vader so he could eventually possess his body but decided on possessing Luke Skywalker instead. Of course, this ended badly but it's possible that Snoke came upon Palpatine's remains and in turn becomes possessed by Plagueis.


Snoke would then target Ben Solo and train him to become the next host body. The theory concludes that Kylo Ren is now possessed by Plagueis.

It's a bizarre theory that might explain why Palpatine is expected to return in The Rise of Skywalker. Perhaps the film will show how Sheev transferred Plagueis to Snoke, who in turn searched for another host body. This is possibly why Kylo has decided to fix his helmet, as shown in the film's trailer.

So will this happen in Episode IX? Of course, this is just based on speculations so we recommend taking it with a grain of salt.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is scheduled for release on December 20.

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