Star Wars Rebels' Dave Filoni Addresses Ezra Bridger's Current Whereabouts

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The conclusion of Star Wars Rebels saw most of the characters getting the happy ending they deserved. However, the finale also left us with a major mystery: Where in the galaxy is Ezra Bridger? Dave Filoni has just addressed Ezra's whereabouts and it might give fans a sense of closure.

Filoni was recently in attendance at the Rebels Remembered panel at Star Wars Celebration (via Although several theories were discussed by the cast and crew, Filoni chose not to explain what happened to Ezra after he decided to see Grand Admiral Thrawn through to the end. Instead, the Rebels co-creator stated that the ending was perfect as it is because it gave the Lucasfilm Animation team the chance to end a series on its own terms.

"This was the first time we really got to end a series in the animation division," Filoni said. He then added that Ezra's fate was a "true expression of what I was taught about Star Wars and it's deeper meaning... I wanted it to resonate with George [Lucas'] overall sense of structure."


In the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 epilogue, Sabine Wren teamed up with Ahsoka Tano so they could search for Ezra. However, there have been no updates on whether the two will ever find Ezra in a new series.

The mystery of Ezra's whereabouts has led to some truly fascinating theories. At one point, some people even believe that Ezra will show up in Star Wars Episode IX. One theory points out that Ezra's lightsaber could be used to fix Luke Skywalker's weapon in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. However, this is only based on speculations so it's best to take it with a grain of salt.

Star Wars Celebration is currently happening at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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