Steven R. McQueen Suits Up As Nightwing in New Fanart

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Batman fans are finally getting that Nightwing live-action film that they’ve been waiting for years.

Warner Bros. announced yesterday that they working on the project and that they were trying to tap The Lego BatmanMovie director Chris McKay to helm the DC Expanded Universe film installment.  

However, while fans are all hyped up for the Nightwing live-action, the project is still at its earliest stages. McKay still has to confirm whether he’ll take the directors reigns for the film and the studio still hasn’t announced the actor who’ll be taking on the role of Dick Grayson. The studio still has a lot of DCEU film projects at hand, so it may take Warner Bros. a while to get the Nightwing ball fully rolling. So, as everyone patiently waits, the only thing that’s left to do is guess which actor would best fit the suit Batman’s original Robin.


BossLogic, a graphic artist known for putting together the imaginings of celebrities as various superhero characters has just released a new art piece featuring his pick for Nightwing.  The celebrity in the Nightwing suit? Steven R. McQueen from Vampire Diaries.

Honestly the guy doesn’t look to bad as Nightwing, but there’s been talks from fans that they’re also interested in having Joseph Gordon Levitt play the part. Who’s your pick? Leave us a comment below.

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