Stephen Colbert Volunteers As New Superman After Henry Cavill Exit

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Big things are happening as people continue discussing Henry Cavill's possible exit from the DC Extended Universe. Although most fans are just concerned about what could happen to DCEU without its Superman, some are just eager to take on the job themselves. For instance, Stephen Colbert has volunteered to play the Man of Steel.

Colbert recently reacted to Cavill's departure from DCEU. The host of CBS' The Late Show admitted that he just learned that Warner Bros. is looking for a new Superman before sharing his own qualifications. Check out his tweet below.


Although Colbert's fans were quick to support him on possibly getting a new job, some also pointed out that he would need to get jacked before taking on the role. Nevertheless, Colbert's post gave DCEU fans something to chuckle about in the middle of what could be a major crisis.

It was recently reported that Cavill has decided to retire from being the Man of Steel after negotiations between Warner Bros. and his management fell apart. The deal allegedly involved a cameo in the upcoming DCEU flick Shazam! but Cavill's appearance in the film has been scrapped. It is still unclear if the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star will reprise his role as the Kryptonian superhero anytime soon.

Cavill's departure has certainly led to some crazy ideas. Some fans have suggested that Nicolas Cage should take over the coveted role. Other reports suggest that Black Panther's Michael B. Jordan is being considered to play Superman.


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